References for Broadcast Projects
Project Description Years Client
Turnkey installation of short wave radio stations in GERMANY   1997  Rohde & Schwarz 
Design, supply and commissioning of a turnkey antenna system (mast height: 365m)  2006-2010  Rockwell Collins 
Design, Supply and Installation of MF antenna system in AFGHANISTAN  2007-09   Harris Corporation 
Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Operation of 25 containerized FM radio broadcasting stations including power supply systems  2007-09   NATO 
Supplies and Installation Services for DVB-H project in QATAR  2006, 2008  T-Systems, Rohde & Schwarz 
Design, Supply and Installation of Short Wave Antenna Systems, PORTUGAL  2005-06   Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) 
Supply, installation and commissioning of a FM broadcasting station in OMAN   2005  Mustafasultan SCS  
Turnkey supply, installation and commissioning of TV and FM broadcasting stations in AFGHANISTAN  2004-05   Deutsche Welle /RTA 
Turnkey supply and installation of self supporting towers and guyed masts for GBC in GHANA (10 sites)  2004  T-Systems (Media Broadcast) 
Installation and commissioning of short wave antenna systems in GERMANY  2002-06   Deutscher Wetterdienst 
Supply of FM transmitter, antenna and self supporting tower for AFGHANISTAN   2004  Siemens BFE 
Turnkey supply and installation of a LF transmission system in Ankara, TURKEY   2003-04   NATO 
HF radio antenna curtain replacement in OMAN   2002   Mustafa Sultan SCS  
Manufacture and supply of towers and antenna systems in NIGERIA (67 sites)   2001-2002  (NTA) Nigerian Television Authority  
Installation of 35m, 50m and 75 m TV Towers for Telecom Tunisia in TUNISIA   1999  THOMSON (Thomcast GmbH) 
Helicopter Installation and Commissioning of TV antenna systems in Algeria  2009-2010  Rohde & Schwarz 
References for Communication Projects
Project Description Years Client
Turnkey project for GSM systems in JORDAN, TURKEY, BULGARIA and UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   1991-1995  Ericsson, Alcatel, Jordan Telecom, Etisalat 
Supplies and installation services for TETRA communication network in QATAR  2005 2005  Rohde & Schwarz 
Supply and Installation of GSM network infrastructure   2004-05  Alcatel CIT 
Installation services for GSM network in PAKISTAN  2004-05  Siemens AG 
Manufacture and installation of towers for GLOBACOM in NIGERIA (65 sites)  2004  Siemens AG 
Supplies and services for GSM network in IRAQ  2003-05  Siemens AG 
Turnkey project for supply and installation of a radio communication station in GERMANY  2003-04  BBL/ German Police 
Supplies and installation services for TETRA communication networks in SUDAN, LIBYA and ITALY  2003-04  Rohde & Schwarz 
Supply of shelters and monopole towers for TUNISIA  2003 2003  Ericsson AB 
Microwave project in JORDAN  2001  Siemens AG 
GSM network infrastructure in KENYA  2000-02  Siemens ATEA 
GSM network infrastructure in DR CONGO  2000  Siemens ATEA 
Supply of towers and services for the Border-to-Border project in LIBYA  1998-2007  Siemens AG 

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